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   Guest House   
 Arts & Crafts Gallery 
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"A landscape is not, as some people perceive it simply as, a whole set of land, plants and water; it is the projection of the people's souls on the matter."

Odysseus Elytis



With great care and respect for its history, we have restored and renovated the two-storey mansion that sheltered Capetan Constanti's family for many years. The mansion is located in Kali Strata, the 500-steps street that connects Gialos - the harbor district, with Chorio - the upper part of the island that accommodates most of Symi's population.


Kali Strata was the neighborhood of the rich merchants and captains that during their journeys, they have got in touch with the artistic streams of the Western world. Upon their return on the island they have managed to incorporate these experiences in a unique way through the vernacular Aegean architecture that already existed on the island thanks to the excellent craftsmans of the time.

During the restoration, we were carefully progressing in a way that would not 'betray' the character of the house's craftsmanship, and that would not cover up its history. This would be impossible without the help of the modern local craftsmen who carry the knowledge of their ancestors.

That way, we have reformed the ground floor into our architectural office 'LERIAS Design & Engineering' and an Arts & Crafts gallery, while the upper floor of the residence into a modern and functional - without unnecessary luxuries - 63m2 apartment. Keeping it simple but elegant, it will accommodate visitors that are interested in the history of a place as a house can narrate.



234 steps kali strata house plan

The Mansion can be accessed either by walking up the stone steps like the locals do (300m, about 15min), or by taxi that stops 100 m. away from the entrance (walk down). The closest bus stop is 250m away where motorbikes can reach almost outside the house entrance.

Basic Rules
  • Maximum number of guests 3 persons

  • Pets are not allowed

  • Smoking is allowed only outdoors

  • Departure time until 12:00. In case of late departure we will gladly hold your luggage

  • Minimum stay: 5 days

  • 01 March - 31 May   150 €

  • 01 June - 30 June     170 €

  • 01 July  -  31 July      190 €

  • 01 Aug - 31 Aug     215 €

  • 01 Sep - 20 Sep     185 €

  • 21 Sep - 30 Sep     170 €

  • 01 Oct - 31 Oct     150 €

*all taxes are included

*For a full list of terms and conditions as well as the cancellation policy and payment terms click here




Fully equiped kitchen:

Espresso coffee machine, oven, refrigerator, cookware, kitchen utensils, small appliances, tableware etc.

Air Conditioning

Two fully functional heating/cooling units in the living room and corridor area, and a ceiling fan in the bedroom


High quality toiletries such as soaps and cosmetics made by natural materials. Towels and hairdryer are also included.

Cooking & Supplies

Abundant supply of  great quality local ingredients to prepare your own rich & healthy breakfast (self catering).

Free Wifi

Full Wifi coverage  in  all the areas of the house.

Sleeping Comfort

main bedroom: double mattress 1.40x2.00m

living room: single mattress 0.90x2.00m 

Premium quality mattresses, linen and pillows made from natural materials.

Garden & Balcony

A private enclosed garden with a variety of Mediterranean  plants.

A balcony right above Kali Strata with a charming view of Gialos port.

Information Material

Information about culture and history, restaurants, transport, daily trips, and activities on the island.


House cleaning, change of bed sheets and  towels every four days.

*Washing machine is not available in the house , if necessary there is a professional laundry service on the island. 



The idea sparked when we were repairing the house; a series of strange objects fell on our heads from a recess right above the front door: a fossilized sponge, α rusty horseshoe, handcrafted crosses and votives wrapped in fishnet.
"Magic items" that were kept there, who knows for how many years, to protect the inhabitants of the house.

I thought then how much soul can be in the lifeless objects....


The gallery collects unique items that are carefully selected one by one. All in one unity with each other, together with the space that houses them and the place that hosts them. Old and modern, tell stories of those who made them and those who used them as they pass from hand to hand.